Powerplay week 23

‘One by one’

Gabry Ponte & Hosanna

Exactly one year ago, the Italian DJ producer Gabry Ponte had a Powerplay on LAYZER radio with the track 'We could be together' a collaboration with the Austrian producer Lum!x. That collaboration has given them several hits, including 'Monster (2019) and 'Thunder' (2021).
Previous hits include 'The Passenger' (ft. Lumix & Mokaby, D.T.E.), 'Like a preayer' (ft. Charla K. & Galwaro), and 'Scare me' (ft. Karra) (2020). With Timmy Trumpet, Gabry was successful with the track 'Mad world' in 2020.
Singer Hosanna (Kristine Bogan) lives and works in Berlin, where she used to provide vocals for various DJs. Since 2022 she has been working for her own career. Her first release was through Don Diablo's label 'Hexagon'.
In any case, the collaboration between Gabry Ponte and Hosanna gives them both another hit.

Sieb Kroeske // LAYZER