Powerplay week 4


Mr. Belt & Wezol, Millean. ft. Betty Bloom

They're often described as the Netherlands' most striking DJ duo: Mr. Belt & Wezol, they distinguish themselves in terms of both production and appearance. With hitsingles like "Finally", "Boogie Wonderland" and "Let's All Chant" they have intertwined old school house and disco atmosphere with their characteristic dynamic drops. While their productions are recognizable among the many releases, there is another part that makes them special: their videos. Always sharp with humor and originality.
Their latest release is 'Fool', a collaboration with Millean. (known from 'What you've done to me' ft. Kream & Bemendé from 2021) and the talented singer Betty Bloom.
This year the two gentlemen are active in the dance music business for 10 years

Sieb Kroeske // LAYZER