Powerplay week 15

Slow Down (Vintage Culture & Slow Motion Remix)

Maverick Sabre ft. Jorja Smith & Vintage Culture

UK / London-based rapper Maverick Saber is influenced by the rap scene from Ireland, the US and England. With his debut album “Lonely Are The Brave” (2012) he had a # 2 success in home country England and sold over ¼ million copies.

But his music development has continued, in addition to being a gifted songwriter, he has been influenced by other music genres such as Rock and Dance.

Hip-hop has a basis for all the music he makes / writes, but in the meantime his music scope has become much broader, as is evident from his most recent remix hit single ‘Slow Down’, which is becoming his biggest success after ‘I Need’.

The remix of “Slow Down” by Vintage Culture is great and hits the Deep House feel. The vocals are just like the 2019 original by Jorja Smith (known for the hits: “Be Honest”, “Blue Lights”).

Sieb Kroeske // LAYZER