Powerplay week 17

Midnight affair

Eelke Kleijn & Samaha

Latest release from DJ producer Eelke Kleijn "Midnight affair" is a downtempo track that will be seen and heard frequently in the coming months. The track grabs you by the ... and will not let you go. The vocals are provided by Samaha (known from the hit "Icarus" 2019, among others).
Previous successes for Eelke include "Mistakes I've made" (2015), "Celebrate life" (2015), "Lovely sweet divine"(2014). More recently included the "Blue fear" remix for Armin van Buuren (2020), "Lost souls" (Nora and Pure remix) (2019).
Last week, Eelke had the opportunity to perform again, after more than 6 months of not being able / allowed to. It concerned performances in Mexico, at Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

Sieb Kroeske // LAYZER