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LAYZER reaches the millennial target audience on a daily basis. This target audience identifies itself by being between the age of 18 and 34. With around 60 percent male and 40 percent female, LAYZER’s target audience can be seen as a fairly average sample of the millennial target group. With LAYZER’s format ‘Tomorrow’s Tunes’, we primarily focus on bringing the newest music to our audience. Often, at LAYZER we are able to provide our audience with the newest and freshest tunes before they even get released and long before then are available on other platforms such as other radio stations and even Spotify. Next to these ‘potential hits’ we play various current hits and EDM classics to make sure we can guarantee a fresh variety of music every day of the week.

In practice, the average listening time of LAYZER is around 48 minutes which translates to almost double the average listening duration at other stations. Due to the technical advancements at LAYZER, we are able to offer interesting advertising options varying from various different commercials packages as well as barter possibilities. These commercial packages and barter deals can be associated with our linear non-stop programming as well as with our branded live-shows and guest mixes. We do have the intention for you to make the most out of your commercials, therefore we will offer any form of advice from our marketing department. 

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