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Over fifteen years ago, Ad Bouman, Erwin Ketteman and Hans Klaassen founded Laser Radio. A brand-new adventurous radio station made to server the newest generation of creatives working in the music industry. LAYZER, as we know it today, was founded in 2004 under the name Laser Radio and is a direct descent of the Dutch pirate radio stations (that were ‘legal’ at the time). At some point in 2003, it got harder and harder for these pirate station to have a future as the rules and regulations in the radio industry became stricter and the punishments and fines became tougher. At that moment, the desire and thought to start a new innovative radio station based on internet came into play. Ad Bouman, who had been working for many pirate stations got Hans and Edwin together and the three of them formed the foundation of the station we know today.

At the time, working with internet and streaming over the internet to a big audience was fairly hard and very innovative. Until today, we are known for using the newest and most innovating techniques to serve our listeners. Laser Radio was, without a doubt, was ahead of its time and can for sure be considered to be one of the pioneers of digital radio.

Nowadays, LAYZER, which has been rebranded in 2014 to how we know it today, focusses on serving the listeners with a pleasant and refreshing mix of pop, house and R&B with the overall aim of providing the listeners with Tomorrow’s Tunes. This format has been thought of and finetuned many times over the last couple of years and we are proud to present this, one of a kind, fresh mix of Tomorrow’s Tunes.

The future of LAYZER is going to be on the same course as we are today, we will be continuously updating new and innovative solutions for you to make the most out of you experience while listening to LAYZER. We see the future as an ongoing adventure in which we would love to work with new partners and artists in order to broaden our horizon and create strategic opportunities. Whereas LAYZER originally started as a try-out to see what one could achieve with minimal resources and a true passion for music and radio, it nowadays is a blooming centre of inspiring artists and entrepreneurs who enjoy every bit of the adventure. We at LAYZER are super proud to present you our amazing team with whom we create the radio of the future!

The team

Hans Klaassen
Hans Klaasen

Music Director

Sieb Kroeske
Sieb Kroeske