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What are cookies
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1. Controller
LAYZER is a trade name of Sail-Away B.V. (and its affiliates) (hereinafter: “LAYZER” or “we”). We use cookies and similar techniques (“cookies”) on our websites, apps and apps. The controller is Sail-Away B.V., a private limited liability company, having its registered office at Churchilllaan 10, 2012 RP Haarlem (the Netherlands), under KVK-Number: 34214730.

2. What are cookies
A cookie is a small text file that we store on your device and read during your next visit.
A distinction is made between first-party and third-party cookies. First-party cookies are cookies that are placed and read by the party that you visit. When you visit this page, for instance, the cookies of are first-party cookies. Third-party cookies are cookies placed by a party other than the one you are visiting, such as cookies of certain social networks.
A distinction is also made between different types of cookies. There are functional, analytic, tracking and social cookies. Functional cookies are necessary for a website, app or account to function, such as cookies that are needed to remember a login. Analytic cookies may be used to collect statistics on the use of a website, app or account. Tracking cookies make it possible to draw up personal profiles by recording your surf behaviour. Finally, social cookies are used for the integration of social media on a website, app or account.
In addition to cookies, there are also other techniques that make it possible to store and read information on your device, such as Flash and HTML5 local storage. In principle, they function in the same manner.

3. Cookies used
We place and use the following cookies on our websites and apps:

Functional cookies

Analytic cookies

Cookies placed by third parties

It is possible that third parties, such as social networks, themselves also place and use cookies without our knowledge. Since we do not control those third parties, we cannot tell you exactly what cookies are placed and read by those third parties. In the list above we have included as many references as possible to the conditions of those third parties. We advise you to read those conditions and to regularly check for amendments. We also draw your attention to the possibility to state your advertising preferences with regard to cookies of advertisers, and to the possibility of controlling what cookies may be saved on your device (see also ‘5. Cookie control’).

4. Cookie policy
Before placing non-functional cookies, we inform you accordingly and request your consent. Those cookies are placed and read only after you have given consent.
Because the placing and reading of non-functional cookies (tracking cookies in particular) is regarded as personal data processing, the provisions of our Privacy Policy also apply. See in particular in our Privacy Policy: ‘4. Source’, ‘9. Retaining of data’, ’10. Data security’ and ’11. Your rights as a data subject’.

5. Cookie control
You yourself can control the cookies that are saved on your device. You can change the settings of your computer or mobile device in such a way that you do not receive cookies when visiting our website or using our apps, for instance. Please bear in mind that if you block cookies it is possible that you can no longer use all the possibilities on our websites or app. It is also possible to change the settings of your computer or mobile device in such a way that you are informed as soon as cookies are placed. You can also remove cookies that have been placed. You can do so, for instance, if you wish to withdraw consent given for placing cookies. In that case we will inform you and request your consent again, if necessary, when you open our websites or apps.
Information on how to deactivate or delete cookies per browser can be found at:
Internet Explorer; en

6. Amendments
We may unilaterally amend this Cookie Policy. We therefore advise you to regularly check this policy for changes. We will inform you if we make any major changes, for instance by means of a notification on our websites or apps, by email, or by requesting your consent again.

7. Questions
Questions or complaints regarding cookies may be sent to .